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Fibro House Social

I would like to hold informal meetings in my home, I live in Corsham, Wiltshire & would be very interested in hearing from anyone that would be interested in attending. Ideally, you would be local, but of coarse if you want to attend & are prepared to travel you would be made equally welcome.

I think it would be good to talk & hear other peoples experiences in a comfortable,non clinical setting with coffee, tea & cake. We all know how complex Fibro is & we probably all have things that we are not feeling or wondering if things we are feeling are normal.

We can talk about whatever you want, maybe find something that we all have in common (apart from fibro lol) a little book club maybe?

Please Note: I am just a fellow Fibromite, not a medic, so this will all be on life experiences through conversation only!



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oh i wish i could drive , i live in Cirencester so not very far away but unfortunately i can't get there x


Please can I draw everyone's attention to our Online Safety warning, posted earlier this week -


PLEASE DON'T POST CONTACT INFO on any threads, if anyone requires any further info about Jane's idea, please send her a private message.

Thanks folks.




Hi Liberty,

Thank you for pointing that out, sorry I didn't think of it myself

Jane x


Please don't be afraid to message me, it will be nothing formal just a few people with fibro getting together for tea & chat

Jane x


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