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claim for employment and support allowance stopped help?

Hi all, ive not written on here before, anybody know how i find out if i keep my car and get anything else for my keep? Form doesny say anything about points? and when i went to see gp at Atos he said i woulnt have to go through all this again, he said i was disabled enough to not worry and that he would ensure i would be fine??? so confused, sorry if this isnt making sence?? thanks for reading this worried Kim xx

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Sounds like you are in the Support Group by what the Doc said at Atos. have you got a letter from them yet with their decision on? Did he say anything about being in the WRG? Go and see CAB and ask them, They might be able to shed some light on whats going on! Try not to worry to much I know its so hard but if you have had your benefits stopped appeal again talk to CAB x


if they stopped payments ring your local benefits office and ask why...even on appeals etc your meant to get the lowest payment available...if you are accepted in wrg or sg your payments are backdated to cover the them and also cab is very good also...goodluck x


Thanks so much its such a confusing minefield, and i find i cannot take anything in :-( and no i have not got a letter from gp yet! so watch this space, thanks again and sorry for panicking! i will take your advice and phone local benifits office, its so good to know im not alone! :-0) xx


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