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Oh well medical tomorrow,Cant believe i won my tribunral in July and im going back already.Im taking my mum this time as i also suffer from Bipolar which at the moment is really making my fribo worse because my moods are so up and down and im either asleep all the time or wanting to be doing anything and everything which i cant because of the pain .so im in a no win situation plus my meds are all messed up because i cant have the medication thy would like me to be on becase of my seroquel n veniflaxine so at the moment im on codeine naproxen and amitrityline wich make me drowsy all the time so i will let you know ihow i think i got on tomorrow xx

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Good luck.

Big big Piggy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


good luck xx

soft hugs xx


make sure you make them aware of your bipolar they must take this into account at the medical please.

and show them yre meds etc.and dont carry yre bag on shoulder either..

you've been for one already so at least you no what to expect/

good luck im waiting for mine next.i was told 6 months time but they wont?


thanks everyone my medical weent ok she was really nice,she was actually telling me what to say n how to put it she worked in mental health so my bipolar took priority but she understood that fibro made my mood swing even worse just waiting for the decision now but she said i shudnt have anything to worry about but i will coz ive been through it before x


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