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Struggling at work?

Hi all,

Does anyone have any problems at work and struggle to get through the hours that they work? I only work 4 hours a day now due to my fibyro plus loads of other health problems and struggling isn't the word. If i have a bad night's sleep through the fibyro keeping awake is very hard and with that in mind my concentration goes and mistakes are made.

Unfortunately this is happening to me on a regular basis and although my boss knows about my health my job is on the line which in a way is unfair

Has anyone else been or are in the same situation?



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Yes I used to teach full time.... Had to give it up cos no sleep led me to having hallucinations and panics attacks couldn't function at work fell asleep during breaks and lunchtimes although not sleeping at night... The school had me off sick.. Then we tried phased return but it was no use soon as I got back to work I couldn't sleep due to the stress of knowing I had to get up get ready and teach... In the end I gave in and left for my sanity. Sold the house downsized and we get by.... I miss the money and the job but I try to look on it as a positive that I got time with my son when he was young that I would have missed. Sorry I can't be more positive hopefully some else will have some work answers



It is very difficult when working knowing what to do for the best.

Its a viscpus circle of stress, worry symptoms, tiredness etc,

I think deep down you kinda know when its time to stop as your body tells you, but its when you relaxed i guess and start having an 'ok' day you think you can wrk and you feel guilty then but non of should because it seems the majority have had good jobs and had to stop to live on less but if this is whats to be its better than ending up worse than we already are.

I struggle a lot in many ways.

Hugs to you xxxxxxx


It's hard working, I only work 22 hours and not two days in a row

It's a problem you look to the future and wonder if you can work

For much longer.

My doctor is very good and give me time off, but I think work gets

Fed up with me, some times I only need one day but do I go sick

For one day, or take a week, if you go one day people think there

Is nothing wrong with you it's very hard, as mostly I don't look I'll

Only tired.

Don't you just hate hate fibro it grabs our life's and does not let go



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