happy sunday

happy sunday

Actually been out to town today. well shold say i got out the car went into a shop and bought clothes. Well i have not been able to do that for so long it feels great, and cheaper. Found myself buying on line and so expensive. but went into only one shop but it had a sale on whoo hoo amd enjoying myself at the mo even though i know my best friend pain is going to get worse one day again enjoying the non flare up days. hope you all having a lovely day top and get a little releif at some time in the day

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  • it is great to be able to actually go in and feel the fabric and see the real colour of items, i am so glad you enjoyed your day even if it was just 1 shop you escaped the house. you are so right we have to enjoy the good days

  • So pleased for you that you managed to go out and enjoy it I was supposed to go shopping tomorrow but gonna have to send hubby again have to make sure everything is on the list.

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