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hi there

i just found out in may i had fms, i joined this group 3 weeks ago and i would like to say its been really helpful for info and worries and fears, its great to hear and talk to people who really no how we all feel without words, i have found out alot about fms and also myself.i thnk its a great job every one does to help each other and get up to date reliable info and friendship and i dont feel alone any more.

take care michelle

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Hi. Totally agree with you. It is real on here. I did not find any site like this in last 7 years of looking around.

Others mainly just dictate what you should be doing, feeling and are mostly very short in both the amount of symptoms/cross over conditions and how this condition changes over time. Best wishes, gentle hugs Fi xx


Hi Michelle glad you have found us! It really is a lifeline and has helped me when i need it most I have been quite unwell over the past few days all down to Fibro and the love and support has been great as you say we don't feel alone anymore, anyway look forward to talking to you sometime take care hugs Della xxx


Hello Kilts and a belated big welcome to you! Thank you for your lovely comments about our forum - our sole aim is to help and support our members as much as we can. We are all in the same boat here, we all have Fibromyalgia, so we all understand.

Please look through the Questions, Blogs and Tags, there is so much information there, personal experiences, advice, support and friendship too! :)

Any worries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.

I hope you enjoy your time with us, take care. :)


Thank you both, I'm not too good with tech stuff but I've really enjoyed joining and I've spent lots of time lookin at blogs questions and answers and it is soo good to find people in the same situation although Im sad all of u s suffer as much as me but we arnt alone and that's good , thank you take care Michelle


We're all here for you Michelle, as we are for each other too! :)


What a lovely post Michelle - this forum is great and has helped me no end xx


Thank you every one, this is the first time I actually enjoy the Internet , normally it's boring tescos online or Argos that was about it . lol thanks take care Michelle


Hi Michele

I myself joined the site a few months ago & luv it for finding out info or just bein able to have a rant when those close to us dont understand fibro.

Its only been recently that I have had the ner to ask questions & make blogs.

Welcome to the site & our fibro family.

Luv & Hugs



Thank you all very much, we are all lucky to have found each other

Take care Michelle


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