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Man went into a fish shop and said to the lady "Have you any chips left?"

"oy have" she replied

"Well you should not have cooked so many" ( not funny will search the recesses of my mind may be gone a while...........................)

A man went into a pub and saw a duck tap dancing on a biscuit tin he said "Oh how much is that?" the barman replied "One hundred pounds"

"Oh I will take that" said the man counting out the dosh and he gathered the tin and the duck up and went home!

Two days later he returned to the pub and placed the tin on the bar with a rather tired sad looking duck still tap dancing with sweat dripping off him and said

"I cannot stop it - it wont stop dancing" "What do I do?"

The barman leant forward and whispered in the mans ear "lift the tins lid and blow the candle out" (ooh that was bad wasn't it) (a cheap joke) hope you smiled :) x gins

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Now me ribs are aching from laughing so much! You are a tonic, Gins, thank you! x


Thanks for the smiles


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