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Miracle treatment!

Just thought I would write a post about something I've found that is genuinely like a miracle treatment.

it's called a Pain Gone pen and if you just search it online, it's not too expensive and easy to find :)

It's changed my life for the better AND it's completely natural, drug free and painless (once you've got used to the tiny bit of stinging that occurs with the minute electric shock)

It's 'powered' my crystals and they create a tiny electrical; charge that, once applied to the skin, release pain reducing endorphins from the brain and then within 30 seconds - it's literally gone! I've got pain in my lower back mainly and I just held the pen above the point of pain, clicked 30 times and I was fine again for the next 3/4 hours.

I am genuinely completely amazed by it and having been on a lot of drugs for the pain I was looking for something that REALLY worked and was pointed towards the Pain Gone pen by a member on here and I have to say - I am forever in her debt!

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Thanks for this post I've been looking at theses and was wondering if they really work like they say, I think i'll definatly give it a try now.

It's great to know whats working for people :o) x


You're welcome :) x


hi i was wondering if you would mind just removing the small bit on amazon although you are welcome to share your experiances we can not advertise .. part of the FibroAction Guidelines

•Do not post advertisements or links to products

thanks gentle dyslexic hugs


Sorry, I didn't realise, I've changed it :)


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