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benefit review

hi i am almost new i am suffering from fib for 5 years sometime i can not move for few days and i have to stay in bed most of the day friends and family helping me to mange the life. few days ago i revived a letter from DWP to to review my entitlement to benefit and i have to go to medical examination i am so scared i can not sleep if they cut my benefit i think i can not deal with apple because of my sever depression is any one has experience ?please help me.

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we had our money stopped untill it went to appeal becoz i failed my medical but try not to panic.

these are either done by a nurse or doctor.the nurses havent a clue about our illness.take as much evidence as you can along to the medical and explain things on your worst day not your best.

ask them if it can be recorded the medical as okay?

none of us like doing this but your money is safe for time with that when and if it happens okay?

it sounds like you have good family and friends around you to also help you.dont go on your own either.

and take details of your depression also,meds etc.

its the government shaking it all sure you will be okay>?

do you have a date yet?

also seek advice from welfare rights,or c.a.b also when you have a date?

they try and catch you out like they did with me.

good luck but worrying right now will only make your symptoms worse and heighten it.

your not on your own okay/


thanks i am almost crying for you kindness comment. i have not date yet


hi,I believe that i have had fibro about 8 years ago various symptoms put down to allergies or arthritis so effectively i was only diagnosed in April this year.It had gone to the stage where i was having trouble with everything including memory and movement.I was self employed running a mother and baby pre loved goods shop which was a dream of mine for many years which i had to give up as i was out more than in operating on 3/4 daily was'nt a recipe for success .I gave it up and applied for esa as only other option was jsa.I had my medical in july and explained my daily life or rather lack of as it has changed dramatically.I explained as best i could how i felt and said i also felt humiliated by having to be in a dwp building as i know i look healthy only real sign of anything amiss was limp and dark circles under eyes.I went in looking as i did when i got up ie no makeup to cover underneath of eyes.I explained how frustrated i get when i can't even play in park with my young son which frankly is upsetting.My eldest daughter drove me to appointment and spoke of the changes within our home and how she has taken over my duties ie,shopping,washing,cooking and childcare on days i haven't the enegry to get up.Overall i found the lady to be quite nice and she did not ask me to complete the physical exam and within a week i was put in support group up for re view in April next year so a great respite for me. I did bring letter from rhumey doc and all supporting evidence from doctors and a copy of my prescription all the lady took was a copy of rhumey letter.My point is there is hope and i hope you will find some useful info in this to help you with your medical.Good luck and please try not to worry and stress yourself out.I wish you well,take care and let us know how you get on as it's always nice to hear success stories xx


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