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I have had an awful night you know the routine you fall asleepon the sofa and cat nap all evening get to bed and ting you arelike an owl lol oh well i have jjust been up now since 4 am watching crossing over with john edwards he is so funny lol and patronising anyway people seem to get comfort fronm him so thats what counts i suppose

i am now going to take my doggy out for a walk and hope that the fresh morning air will shake the cobwebs away lol

and then i think i will do my house and then get my daughter up and take her to Matalan and get her lots of bits and pieces for christmas yes you heard right i have got my christmas head on lol it must be the grotto in Asda that done it and then come back and wrap the all up and hide them all away

i am mad i knbow but when mty girls were small i used to have all there pressies apart from the big main ones all wrapped up and ready to go by the end of september the touble is when you do that you tend to forget what youhave bought and then you go buy more stufffd!!

i hope you all have a good day love to you diddle xxxx

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Enjoy your shopping Diddle ! It is never to early to get Christmas pressies. I had a brilliant gift shop and we would always start selling for Christmas in July and the people would be champing at the bit for me to put the decorations out. Often a lot were sold before they reached the shop floor - I love christmas Happy days x gins


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