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Sedan Chair?

Sedan Chair?

I am a bit sad today.

My knee is painful, and so are my feet. My GP said I should use a walking stick, and I did try, but my hands hurt so much it's just not going to work!

Well ... I don't really fancy a wheelchair, 'cos that would make me feel disabled, so I have hit on a cunning plan (I'm always having those!).

I have decided to have a sedan chair - you know - the ones with velvet seats inside, and a fringed canopy on the outside. They used them in Regency days for the likes of Jane Austen, I seem to recall.

I could heave the old carcass into my luxury conveyance, and issue orders:

"Marks&Spencer, my good man!"

I would shout to my uniformed flunkeys - (you gotta have flunkeys)

or "T.K. Maxx" ... or even "Poundland!"

and off they would jog, bearing me and my parcels painlessly from store to store.

People would stare, obviously. They would think "Who IS that mad old bat?"

I would be in all the papers. Questions would be asked in Parliament:

'Why has this woman received a Sedan Chair and two uniformed flunkeys on the NHS?

The service can barely afford to pay all the thousands of managers it needs to count the beans, even tho' they've sacked all the nurses and doctors. It's a scandal! Sedan Chairs for all, we say!"

Back down to earth at once, Moffy ... it ain't going to happen! I think I shall just have to wait for my pains to settle down, or borrow my Son-in-Law's skate board - now there's a thought!

It was nice day-dreaming.

I think I'll do the one about Christian Grey and his helicopter next .....!

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A sedan chair sounds great, but where would I keep the four (I'm a big girl - I need 4) hot, uniformed flunkies? The guys from Magic Mike would do nicely. (Patheticly written and directed film - hot men .... intro to porn films really).

I think I need to have a cold shower ..... especially since Donny is on the one show later :-)

Julie xx


FOUR hot flunkeys? Oooohhhh ....dribble ... dribble!


What a brilliant idea. I don't care what the flunkeys look like, so long as they can do the job - sign me up for one.

I can't wait to read the helicopter idea ;)


Ladymoth the four hot flunkies are a brilliant idea never mind the sedan chair they could carry you -----mmmmmmmmmm alternative methods of transport you have me thinking x gins.


I have room in my garage for the hot flunkies ..........


Excellent idea lol x


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