Take your medication

Two days of this week circumstances have led me to forget my medication. Today I woke up very light headed, almost a feeling of being drunk.

I checked on Google the consequences of failing to take my medication in this manner and it confirmed that was the cause.

A very good reminder to make sure that we all take our medication regularly.

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  • Hi roundthebend, I used to do that quite regular, solution if you go to a bargin shop or chemist I have got a week holder, it state the day, the morning, noon, evening, and bed. as each row come out it means I can pop them in my bag to go out if need be, I would be really lost without it maybe worth you checking it out xx

  • Hi Tess, I did have one of those but got fed up keep refilling it. The reason that I know I missed a couple is that the foil bubble pack has days on it and I keep to them. The trouble on this occassion was that we were up and out early on one day and the other we had a surprise early visitor and it went right out of my mind. xx

  • I agree with Tess, I would be lost wiithout mine. I have 2 so I can fill 2 weeks in one go and it doesn't take too log once you get in the swing of it. Helps keep track on reordering too xx

  • LOL, my wife does the re-ordering. I am quite capable but she likes to do it so I leave it to her.

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