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what is it with me a medical centres

what is it with me a medical centres

yesterday i had to have an eyetest so off we went to the two for one shop i spec you know where i mean.

a young lady ( whose nationality i shall not print cos i am not gonna look like a racist or a bigot) asked to to go to a check in desk.... I was in my wheelchair with myyoung carer

she asked how old i was and I replied sixty seriousy she said i need to fill this in how old areyou sixty i replied. with a pained look at me she turned to penny the carer and askedin a low voice how old is she.

sixty one this month said penny and burst out laughing.

oh just give he date of birth thenshe said deciding for some reason i was not all there.

she then took me across to a huge machine to photograph my eyeballs. scary stuff.

put your chin here and lean your forehead there she said in slow words like you would to a child,

being a patient person by nature i ignored the way she was handling me and did as she had said

going around to the back of the machine she said now dont move okay dont move. i froze on the chair

can you see the hot air air ballon she said to me who was looking at the grey casing of the machine.

nope i replied. my dear it looks like a round thing with abasketunder it i will make it bigger for you

now try to think hard and look at the hot air balloon can you see it now

nope i said.

just then andolder woman who turnedout to be my optician came pastand saidto the young girl in slow words that she could understand. the patient has to look into the glass to see the balloon and moved the machine to the correct place.


as i left i turned to the delightfully patient but stupid young lady ans said in a loud stage whisper i may be old and unable to walk but at least my brain works.....

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That is disgusting!! I would report her!! She was very lucky you were so nice and patient with her, imagine if she got someone who really took offence to be treated like a simpleton. My sister was in a wheelchair when she was between 8 and 12 years of age, with a muscle wasting decease, she was on cortisone medicine which made her balloon like a michelin man, at 8 years old she weighed 12 stone due to fluid. People who my mum knew would go up to them and say, "How is she, is she OK"? My mum would reply, she's there, why don't you ask her! Also my mum in law found when in her wheel chair say in a shop, she'd pay for goods, and they'd always want to give the change to the person pushing the wheelchair! all employees need to learn how to respect disabled people, and not dismiss people in wheelchairs as moron's!


hey i thought this was very very funny


Hi fadedblossom,

haha, it only takes a short one liner to get your point across, well done on that one.

this "lady2 sgould not have treated you in such a patronising manner and i would be tempted to say something, ...a swift lesson in pr would do no harm.

I've sadly found people often talk to those with you not at yourself.

This happened to me when i repeatedly went to an eye clinic prior to surgery, they seemed to talk to my partner...not me, which i actually found very offensive..excuse me i'm the one having surgery, talk to him about after care by all means as i shall be in no fit state to cope, but please talk to ME about MY surgery.

Good thing you're patient, some would't be!

take care

Jan xx


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