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people know!

when ive been at work lately ive had to take my crutches in and when the customers ask what ive been up to i tell them i have fibro and have to say 99 per cent of the time people know about it!! one lady said oh yes i have that gentle hugs lol and a guy said his wife has it and within 2 years she was in a wheelchair! thanks for that! but at least i dont have to explain what it is !

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omg really ive met maybe 1 or 2 people who sort of know what it is ,when i get the "oh what have you done " i normally have the job of trying to explane to perfect stranger ,which always throws me and i babble out some nonsense lol xx


monday was my 1st time out in over a year. i have no hair (alopecia from aged 12, does not bother me in the slightest) riding mobility scooter and attached to oxygen. lady stopped me and said "are you on oxygen? my husband WAS ....um um um" at which point realising what she'd said turned bright red, turned & almost ran off. I'm still laughing now, but have to say feel sorry for her 'cause she's probably still cringing! sometimes people try to express empathy & end up just putting both feet in it. :) :) strongly believe sense of humour can be the best response to many awkward moments, especially where people clearly trying to be kind, but then i've had many years to adjust & accept the way i look and the difference between people who are nice & those who are not! i always prefer people who have the courage to talk to me to those who try not to stare! + i had a lovely time out with my daughter, although there is always a price to pay - pain/exhausted. x


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