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Have Your Say: Work Capability Assessment - Call for Evidence


"As part of his third independent review of the Work Capability Assessment, Professor Harrington has launched a call for evidence." dwp.gov.uk/consultations/20...

"He is particularly interested in views and evidence about the implementation of his recommendations and any changes to:

* communications.

* face-to-face assessment.

* decision making."

The questions Prof Harrington is asking are here:

dwp.gov.uk/docs/wca-year-3-... from page 12 onwards

You can answer as many or as few as you want to.

The consultation started 12 Jul 2012 & responses need to be in no later than 7 Sep 2012

If you want to take part you can respond by email or post - the addresses are:

Email: wca.evidence@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

WCA Independent Review Team

Floor 2, Section B

Caxton House

Tothill Street



I've not had a WCA myself but I've attended one with my husband & gone to the resulting Tribunal so I will be basing my responses on those. The resultant report by the ATOS health care "professional" was full of inaccuracies and downright fabrications of what happened during the assessment and I intend to bring those to light!

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i was found fit for work on october the 20th last year appealed against the decision got a date for hearing the 24th june got a solicitor to sort it out for me my solicitor rang me 2 days before the hearing told me i didnt have to go as the d w p have upheld the decision in my favour without even seeing me i got back pay of 800 pound so does that mean i have got 15 points now and everything the so called atos doctor said was lies has anybody else had this happen to them carnt wait for the next w c a takeing my welfair solicitor with me

I took ATOS to tribunal last year and won the appeal - 15 points and put in the WRAG. In March I got papers for another ATOS medical - if thats what we can call it without laughing out loud. I attended and was there for 11 minutes during which I told the lady all my symptoms and limitations and she feigned concern. I have since been told I am fit for work - even more laughs as I suffer from fibromyalgia and can hardly walk some days. I am now taking them to tribunal again but my ESA is being cut to the basic amount. Yesterday I received the ATOS report from the medical and I have read less fiction in books by Dickens and Orwell! Most of it is downright lies and the rest is just twisted nonsense. I am relishing taking them to tribunal again and am also considering reporting the woman who did the medical for malpractice! We cannot let these people get away with their evil costcutting exercises - WE HAVE TO FIGHT!

Oh, how I agree!

I'm currently in the Looking Again stage, and i definitely intend taking it to Tribunal. I couldn't even get out of bed today, hence I have only had water, no food. I'm on the brink of becoming a wheelie, I have very bad cataracts, and constant pain.

i suffer with fibromyalgia an m,e ,cfs,arthertis ,caracts aswell as being in constant pain all the time ,on loads of meds,but dont help that much,ive been two work realted interviews an scored no points for my illness ,saying i was fit to work when i can hardley walk ,wot a laugh they take the micky ,an as for dla i have been fighting since 2010 an they keep throwing it out each time ,have letter from hospitals ,councilers an loads of other stuff all the meds i am on aswell , they carnt know much about this terrible illness we are all suffering ,an we have to fight for our benifits . we have to fight .

I have been on ESA WRG since last Feb 2012 after a fight, now here we go again, after sending back a work capability assessment form last week, i have now to go for yet another medical. What i want to know is, if (which is highly likely) that i don't get enough points to stay on ESA, and i have to appeal (yet again) will they pay me anything? or will i have to go onto jobseekers while the appeal is in process? Anyone know? Thanks.

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