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'This brutal new system': a GP's take on Atos and work capability assessments


'This brutal new system': a GP's take on Atos and work capability assessments

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Just going to read it now hun xxxxx

It is showing up as a 404 error! xxxxx

I can get it on this link though


tried to edit blog, this is right link.


Gotit now hun xxxxx going for a nosey, my link makes interesting reading to lol

Well let us all hope the GPs win. How come our own GPs can see but the DWP and governemnt can't? xxxxx

I've sent my atos poem in to the letters page, but will they print it?


I can tell you hun I was not surprised in the least to hear this GP speaking out. My own GP feels he is being labelled as a 'liar' for backing me and many of his patients up. I had a DWP worker say to me 'without appearing to be rude and insenstive but no employer in their right mind would take you on with your ongoing illnesses'. I said no offence taken as my GP and nurse said the same thing. The government will not listen, it does not matter how many newspaper articles there are, a few deaths here and there hun means absolutely sod all to them. If it does not affect them then why should they care. And they pay the ATOS boss a nice big bonus for doing their dirty work for them, we flost the idea but get someone else to turf all the disabled people back into work, make them look like the bad guys, that in my opinion, says it all xxxxxx

Hi all

As far as I can tell the government feel (sorry they do not feel they want) more people off benefit the better so they can make the sick seem like greedy non productive vultures and then when we start to complain they can condemn us as the ungrateful undeserving leeches who should not have any money and if they can stop the money altogether

that will help get the country back into the black and they can increase their own coffers.

Sorry but I feel very bitter about the politicians who are mostly millionaires and have absolutely no idea about how the people who are the new poor live (thanks to all the Governments with their cuts to the people who are not in their class - Middle to Upper)

Enough of my ranting

Kindest regards


In relation to this my grandson has CFS he failed his ATOS assessment. He failed his tribunal. He went to sign on but was too exhausted to keep up with all the hoops you have to jump through. We wrote to our MP who wrote to the DWP. They maintained that CFS etc were taken into account in the assessments.......no one EVER asked about his stamina to do anything. Infact it was more or less because you can walk 200 meters, raise your hand over your head, lift a 2 litre carton of milk you are fit for work. We decided to reapply for ESA and awaited the forms. On Saturday he got a letter to say he has been awarded ESA (the support group). Why? We are confused and wary.

Just read this link. This is a terrible state of affairs!! ATOS should not even be in business!! They are working for the government, not the people themselves. I've read so much about these ATOS assessments, even the lies and untruths told by ATOS employees in their assessment reports. It's scandalous!! Why can't something be done?? XX

I have to have my assessment next week and am dreading it. Have been awarded support group already but told that if I didnt attend my benefit would stop. I cannot say until the day if I can attend as it is with every other appointment(docs, dentist) in my life. My family dont invite me to weddings anymore because of that...does the government really think that I am just kidding...I worked hard all my adult life caring for my parents until their deaths as well as a full time job and children and a house to look after. My DLA pays for my mobility scooter which , when Im well gives me time out of the house....and a breath of fresh air and independance.I moved into a disability bungalow after waiting 6 years....I have occupational and physiotherapists...do they think I am just keeping them in a job...I am so angry but so very tired x

I've had mylast 3 wca canceled on me at the last minute but now ,

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