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Less than a year after being awarded ESA, barely six months after supposedly winning my appeal back in January (no increase in money despite supposed having my appeal to be placed into the Support Group not the WRAG) 2012, just now another ESA50 form to fill out with less than a month to return it to ATOS.

What do they expect to change in less than 12 months? In barely six months since my appeal was closed by the DWP?

It's ridiculous. I was told I had a 2 year award by the JCP when I attended my Work Focused Interview in November 2011. Wow, time must move really quickly for ATOS in comparison to the rest of us.

Now I have another 20 page Limited capability for work questionnaire to fill out. Do they expect my incurable degenerative auto immune disease to have been miraculously cured since this time last year? Or my spine to suddenly correct itself and my other spinal deformities to have suddenly disappeared?

This is ridiculous, how much of our tax payer money is being squandered doing what? Twelve monthly testings? My current ESA isn't up until mid-October, more than three months away yet. And I get barely three weeks to fill it in and send any medical proof I want to add as well. Didn't they get all not even a year ago? IF they've lost it already I would fire their office staff.

No warning. No brown envelope, or phone call from the JCP, no correspondence at all from DWP just another ESA50 form directly from ATOS.

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Hun these morons.they have nothing better to do with there time than.

Bully people like us.

Disgusting they need sacking.x


i got esa work related for a year till next april . Yet i have to go for another medical in november so all in all i could lose it then x


They must have spent more on all this stupid time wasting and paying ATOS silly money, than they do on the frauds in benefits. Something is VERY WRONG here!!


They are a shower of b*******, balloons I mean xx


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