So disappointed in myself today. I let myself go with the flow and fell into a sudden 10 hour sleep. Apparently my daughter came in from high school and said hello and I responded to her and had a small chat - I have no knowledge or recollection of this. It has happened before and it really frightens my teens. Took me about 1-2 hours to pull myself together had something to eat and now I am functioning normally. Does anybody else suffer these sleeper blackouts? I have had one a few months ago that lasted about 20hrs, also with short discussions with my kids as previously mentioned. If anybody else has them do you have a back-up plan on how to avoid falling into them?

Hope you all get a good rest tonight - may the sleep and pain free fairy visit all tonight :-)

Mel xxx

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  • Oh Mel, that sounds really scary for you . Have you asked your doc about it ? Sounds a bit like narcolepsy , although I think with that you normally fall asleep for short periods.

    Mind you, if you're not getting good quality sleep at night that may explain it . I guess some meds might also have that effect ?

    I normally can't sleep during the day no matter how tired, or how little sleep I've had the night before .Sometimes the more tired I am the less able I am to get to sleep.

    Gentle hugs for you

    Helen xx

  • i can sleep for 20 hours but no talk ing think you best go gp and talk to him but yes i can sleep just like that but not the rest please go to gp

    soft hugs and sleep well hahah

  • Well that just proves what a strange thing fibro is, not heard of that

    Before my problem is not being able to sleep,no matter how tired I

    Am 20 hours wow


  • Oh I also have the usual no sleep problems. Usually sleep for a two hour snap then have to get up and try to move about a bit, sometimes read a bit then doze off for another hour etc. As you say Vic, fybro is such a strange condition.

    Thanks for your responses folks - here's to a good night. So mice to be a part of the family :-)

    Mel xxx

  • Sorry not Vic, Viv :-)

  • when my body has eventually had enuff ofbeing exhausted sometimes after six days and nights without a single wink of sleep i will sleep thru twelvehours and wont hear a thing but i dont do the talking thing.... petal

  • Wonderful I don't feel like I'm going mad, yes I can sleep for England just the same yet another night wide awake at 3 in the morning, as for talking yes my husbands always telling me that I talk but I never know any thing about it the next morning, so your not alone , and its not done me any harm , better than aches and pains so just carry on your fine.

  • Ooops!! Don't know what I did there.

    Pleased to meet you pardner :-) I agree with you, it is blissful escapism. At least I know they don't need to call the men in the white coats quite yet heh-heh!! I don't suppose you are in West Sussex are you?

    Mel xxx

  • Hi , I didn't know I had a double, just read your info. thought you were me, diag same month as you gave up part time work could not cope , I live in Essex but my daughter lives next to you in Lancing,always visiting.I put up with every thing husband is a dream given up with docs they don't understand, just keep chin up and carry on.

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