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esa appeal stress any tips on putting an appeal together


My esa was stopped and i appealed against the decision as i was moved from incapacity to esa. I have had tenosynovitis since 1992 it is like rsi pain in arms hands. i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last summer after years of joint pain exhaustion muscle spasms. Has anyone got any advice about going to appeal panel my case has been looked at by reconsideration team but decision was not changed. i have no idea what to say and am supposed to prepare a case for tribunal and don't know what to do. totally stressed out

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I put this on a Fibromyalgia forum about appealing Work Capability Assessments.

Best advice is to contact CAB or similar organisation asap and they will help you with your submission.

If you already have your assessment report (ESA 85) go through it and look for any inaccuracies, assumptions & untruths that are there and make a note of them.

If you look at the of the Limited Capability for Work Descriptors (page 17) here: you'll be able to see how the descriptors are scored and how it fits in with your original ESA50 form.


thank you for the information at least it is somewhere to start thanks x


how long have you been waiting for your appeal...i put mine in march and still waiting...they took money off me until my appeals gone keep a diary...of my bad and good the mow its more bad than good

good luck......


i was took off esa money stopped beginning of january i placed my appeal then after not hearing anything after asking for a reconsideration over the telephone then i didn't get anywhere so lodged and sent an official form to appeal waited and waited what a stressful time that was. I got a phone call saying they where doing a reconsideration and letter saying a few days later to say that they could not overturn the original decision. Then i got a letter saying did i still want to continue with the appeal i just feel fed up with the whole thing now and feel bullied by the system that was supposed to protect people if they became unable to work through illness but i won't give up as even £70 a week till appeal is better than nothing. phew all that just came out ...good idea about keeping a diary .............patience is a virtue i think when waiting and stay strong


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