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This site and the fab support

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to say how great I find this site and thank everyone for all the support.

I have been rereading some of the posts and have managed to get a few answers to questions I had.

One of them is about bruising, I have had some bruises come up that I can't really explain. I saw my GP yesterday who has asked for a full blood count to be done. I was a little worried but can see that this is something that other people experience too.

I'm a little frustrated with myself tonight. I have been out for the day shopping for the first time in a long time. I enjoyed it, for the retail therapy and the time I spent with my husband. However when I have got home and had a sit down I have found myself aching so much that I can't get comfortable. The act of sitting down/standing up causes even more aches. My feet are burning and my hands feel like jelly and lead at the same time.I intend to take myself off to bed and try to sleep.

Gentle hugs to one and all


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hi yes it is a great site to get the answers we need ,i too often get bruises on my body and dont know where they appear from lol.

Yes it is awful how we jus do the simlest of things like walk round a few shops and we end up paying for it badly,

love to you diddle xxx


hi Deebee, me too! always bruised.

Glad that this site is helping you by way of the blogs, It makes me feel so conected like one big family

hugs poppy xx


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