I keep waking up and y arms are like big ton weights and feel so sore and if i go to lift them up they really hurt my legs are the same too !!!!!? oh well i know it is all part of the wonderful fibro roundabout but it is so annoying it feels like i have been doing a workout or painting ceilings but in truth i have doine nothing absolutely nothing as you know i have been laying on the bed most afternoons lol love to you diddle xxxx

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  • Hi diddle.

    I get this a lot too. It is so annoying! As you say it feels like I've been lifting weights, some hope, those days r long gone!

    Gym? Whose Jim? Lol xx

  • Hi Diddle

    I had same for about 6 months only way it gave release was holding above my head is now only in hands at moment heels of feet and hips, well that's today at least.

    Just wish people around knew how it felt and understood more my lot try their best but hey ho just carry on as usual.

    Love Karen xx

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