Ive been listened to[gp]

had an appointement with gp today, shes upped my dose of meds, diagnosed my swollen arm as probable tennis elbow, but most importantly she asked me all about my illness, I told her id always been fit, never one for gps, never took meds, never on benefits,always a tough cookie, invinsable or so i thought, she asked if I was getting all the benefits I should I explained about my dla being turned down, how my social worker was supporting me having a blue badge, shes written it all down in my notes.She also said I didnt fit the depression theory of fibro, as she noticed from my notes I rarely went to gp, and never with depression, I told her my depression now is all because of this illness and the pain, thank god some one realises fibro isnt all down to depression,and she told me most gps have no idea what causes it or how to treat it, she supported me when I said its definetly not all in our minds

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  • Bet you feel like crying, when I get positive feedback I am tearful.

    Soft hugs xxx


  • Im still reeling, some one took the time and finally listened to all ive been going through, Im sick of being judge as either insane, a benefits cheat or a hypocondriac

  • well done lally finaly a dr who is willing to be openminded and listen to their patient because who else know s the illness better than the patient!

    I expect you are feeling such relief now, you should experiance much more positive responce now from people in general, i have found this for myself also having carers in everyday has given them an insight into daily living of a person living with the added complication of FM, you and I suffer very similar health issues so you have my total empathy

    hugs poppy xx

  • Oh wow please please could you come with me on Tuesday when I see my GP. He refuses to increase my painkillers saying I take enough meds. Well that's not exactly my problem I didn't ask to be unwell it feels as tho it has all been dumped on me.

    I really applaud you for persevering with your gp.


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