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rise before the fall

i have just had the best 3 weeks, they where not perfect but close. i had very little pain just the odd bad night with no sleep at all and my joints cracking like crazy, but now its back with force! you name it, ive got it.headache, stomach cramps,insomnia,ibs,muscle pain,my joints hurt and im so confused. this illness is how i imagine it is like to have dementia.the worse thing is nobody understands it, im on so many pills now and today i have more blood tests for my dizzy spells.hope you guys are having more luck than me x. i am unable to work because of this illness, but i am not entitled to benefits, they turned me down x thinking of you all with gentle hugs xxx

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sending you gentle hugs too :-D and a smilie face to brighten your day xxx


or is that smiley ? i have no idea lol ,i cant spell at all these days lol


rmember here on this site everyone understands try to rest be good to you petal


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