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I want to ****** scream!!!!!

I felt really bad yesterday so spent all day in bed, not too bad till i decided that it was time to go to sleep. Just got comfortable (sort off!!) when my beeping neck started. Its just at the base of my skull and it kills, i'd mess about till it eased off. Then just as i started dozing of it started again ARGHHHH!! lucky if i got a couple of hours kip last night.

Not been too bad today that is till about an hour ago when the blasted thing decided to start again, does not matter what i do it won't go away.

Any ideas??


Sharon xx

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oh no ,i wish i did,but im sure someone will ,i hope you get it sorted soon sounds horrible ,hugs xxx


Im in bed with the same pain at the base of skull, its awful


Hi Sharon, I'm not saying that you have the same as me but I have this pain frequently due to my spondalitis, (A form of arthritis) it may be an idea to see you GP about this even just to rule out anything other than FM.

I try not to lay flat but rather proped up as it takes the presure off that area the hiher up the better for me . I use a triangle cushion proped up against my 6 pillows, 1 layed on its side against the other 5which is in a stack, then a small cushion behind the triangle and if needed another small cushion fitted in the triangle for my back. It probably sounds like to much work but I get so much relief because i dont have any pressure on my neck and back of skull and i do manage to get some muchy needed sleep! Its just a case of finding the right position and height you need to be comfortable,

Hugs poppy xx


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