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Fibromyalgia for dummies book GREAT

i am not sure who on this site said this was a good book (fibro fog)

but it arrived this morning a really good book easy to read and understand

any tips i get from it will be good.

and i think this will be a good book for my family & friends to read

A few of my sister's understand whats happen with me but a few don't and they of course are the ones that think because i don't work i should be available 24/7 for mum & dad and the family circle

we all stay a night with my parents so i will be leaving this book there tonight so they will see it (quote - she buys some rubbish)

lets just hope it gets through to them a bit

well i think it a great book worth buying.

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i have read a few of the "for dummies" books so i will definately get this, they do make things easy to understand, much needed for my family!, thanks. xx


I have read this book excellent very easy to read and keep going back to it.

agree well worth buying




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