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I normally wear wrist supports for my carpal tunnel and to strenghthrn my wrists they are really good the trouble is they are ok in the winter as you wear jumpers and lomg sleeves to cover them but now i am starting to wear all the t shirts etc they are looking awful even though they are meant to be skin colour it is more like beige (dont know if anyone ids beige lol) but i have left them off for the last 3 days but i so notice the weakness in my wrists so ithink i am gonna have to put them on every now and then and yeah they look odd but will tell people i got them from new look lol they are the new trend !!

do you think thayt will work ???

i wont be taking themn to London though as i wont be doing anything really and i got people with me to open bottles amd can and stuff anmd we are eating out all the time so that will be fine

the other thing is gonna look really funny when i start getting a tan ha ha and have two big white bands at bottom of my arm and then a big square at top of body depending where i put my pain patch

i will look really odd but here you go these things help me so need them

love to you all and i suppose ypou all have the same dilemma ? love diddle x

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bless you diddle ,you could always decorate them some how lol ,i got my oc to make me some different wrist splints mine are pinky in colour and they breath ,cause those horrible old brown things make you really hot dont they ,

hope you have a lovely day in the lovely weather love and hugs xxx


hey diddle you can also get the splints in black now and they dont look any where as bad as those beige one

hugs poppy xx


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