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Just out of hospital. has any one had a EMG test?

Hi all, I dont know if you remember but i blogged almost 2 weeks ago after my legs gave way with leg weakness.

Well, I collapsed at work on Tuesday and was admitted for 4 days.

They have run loads of tests and now im being referred to kings for a EMG test. Has anyone had one of these??

Dr said its not fibro related and are looking at guillian- barre and other autoimmune diseases.

I have to say i feel much better being home but not any better with the weakness and tremors.

Hopefully i wont have to wait too long for appointment but i just want to walk and function again :-(

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Hi sandiedee,

I am so sorry you are going through all that hun.

I hope you pick up soon, i have never heard of that guillian barr?

My legs wouldnt work properly last year and its the scareiest thing ever. I thought that was it and i would be in a wheel chair. Thankfully they have came back but they arent the same as they were. The tremors are still quite bad a t tim es, especially if i have done too much.

You take it easy hun, and i hope they find out whats wrong soon, hugs, kel xxxx


I had test its ok dont worry there just testing your nerves e.t.c in your legs nothing to it you will be fine .I was scared stiff but i found it ok


Ah that's ok. I am quite worried I have to say.

Have you had lots of problems with your legs then??


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