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letter not sent out

Ok so I had my appeal hearing a week ago monday, and they were ment to send the decision the same day. I rang them on fri as i had not received one and they said it was sent out bt if i hadn't received it by this Tues then ring back. I rang them yesterday and the person i spoke to said it hadn't been sent apoligised and said it would be posted yesterday. All I know is the hearing has been adjourned........

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it cantake 2 weeks before you get your letter and they are on strike today so all is delayed

hugs poppy xx


i forgot to add keep onto them though as they are a bit slack! xx


Hopefully no news is good news then Lash, hope you get the letter soon so that you know where you are. Take care, love Angela xx


All I am worried about really is if i miss the ajourned date lol


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