This is my first message, Have been suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis for over 10 years, it has been and continues to be a long hard struggle. have been having a particularly bad time since end of last year due to death of a loved one, doctor said I'm suffering from grief.

What I have discovered is that grief makes the whole disability a thousand times worse and I cannot get myself into a more comfortable and managable place. Due to the grief I cannot do a number of things that I was doing to keep myself functioning eg; meditation, tai chi etc;

Although I have been receiving DLA for the past 8/9 years they have now cut me off which I do not understand, if anything the illness has got worse. They tell me that DLA is not applicable for people over 65 the benefit is attendance allowance, since there are things that I can still do for myself they are stipulating that I am not entitled to benefits.

Question; Is there anyone out there that can advise me on this?

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  • Hi Flyingeagle, (great name by the way!) Im sorry I cannot help you with benefits talk as I know nothing about them. I am sure that many others on here will get back to you on that one though. Grief can make things worse I am sure. Keep strong and keep posting on this site. Many people are here to give you support. :)

  • Thank you so much for your kind words, have been battling on my own for so long, good to talk to people who really know what's happening


  • welcome lv,im sos sorry for your loss,i myself cant help with benefits but there will be someone on here that will be able to advice.this site is one big faimly and were always here for eachother,once agen welcome lv,lots of gentle hugs,lv fm me :) xx

  • Thank you for replying so quickly, should have done this years ago,

    much appreciated


  • if you ask one off the supporters from fibroaction,they wil point you in the right way,lv fm me xx

  • thank you for that information and support much appreciated


  • hi and a warm welcome to the sight i wish i was a flying eagle lol even though i hate birds would love to have the feeedom to soar through the air how lovely the wind beneath your wing s (love that song ) anyway enough of that i hope that you find so many friends on here an dpeople wh o are the same as you and you are not alone anymore i think you will find the answer to most otf your questions on here love too chat again soon love diddle x

  • Hi goodness your story sounds so fimilar i've had fibro and cfs and rls and addisons and a number of other things and i lost my mum 4 months ago she wasn't just my mum she was my best friend so i know exactly what your going through DWP are also stopping all of my benefits as well it's so horrible!! I'm always here if u need to chat BIG HUGS ;) suzi xx

  • Hi Flyingeagle, lovely to speak to you, you have now come to the right place for help and support. As regards benefits, have you tried someone like the local Citizens Advice or a Disability Centre for help as they are used to dealing with these queries on a daily basis. You don't say what area you are from but if you let us know there may be someone on here that can advise you on where to go for help.

    Sorry to hear of your bereavement, anything like this I find makes the symptoms of fibro much worse. If you can relax a little and get back to your meditation etc. this may help you.

    Any time you want to share anything or need advice please use this site as it is very helpful. Take care, Love Angela xx

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