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Anyone taking LDN?

I've been taking 4.5mg of Naltrexone for a year now and have found it's the only medication that works for me. I've tried everything else over the past 10 years and nothing worked for me well enough that I could go off pain medications. I only take pain meds occasionally for other problems such as bursitis in my hip or sciatica pain. I am now working on improving muscle strength and endurance after being a couch potato for the last 8 years. LOL

I wish for all of you a day with less or no pain!


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Sorry, never taken it...or most the other drugs actually. My doctor gives me nothing at all. I did try taking co-codomol but it makes me nauseus. So now I just take Nurofen gel capsules for the pain. And can get it from the pharmacy which is great! It does work to take the edge off. Mostly I just get through the pain as best I can, its always there. I too am trying to strengthen the muscles by doing some seems to help. I have also changed my diet to a very healthy one of vegetables/fruits/wholegrains and chicken...with the occasional bit of dark chocolate for a treat! Yum


hi i have never heard of that one lol but sure someone will know love diddle x


I'm keen to try it. I've researched it alot and everything sounds so positive. Where did you get it from?

Em x x x


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