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Has Anyone Found Acupuncture Helpful?


Hi all. I've just had my second trip to the pain clinic and had my second batch of acupuncture. Neither seem s to have done anything other than the one last Tuesday, which left me unable to use my hands for 24hrs.

The very nice physiotherapist tells me that apart from a session with a psychologist, that's about all that's on offer.

Has anyone found any benefit from acupuncture? Is that really all that a pain clinic has to offer?

But It's great to have found a place to talk about all this stuff, after years of thinking, "This is only happening to me..."

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I had several sessions of acupuncture which were quite helpful, but the effects were short lived, and at £50 per session it wasn't a realistic option for me!

Moffy x

I many wonderful visits to the acupuncturist she helped me with my knees kept me on my feet when I was working. Very expensive has to be said but if you can afford and you need a break give it a try.



I had no help at all from acupuncture but mine was on the NHS and the chap who did it stuck the needles in and promptly went on a tea break so not sure if he was a physio or someone who happened to be passing and thought they would have a go as I was discovered in the cubicle 20 mins later by a different physio who removed them......

VGx the porcupine :)



I had several sessions (about 6 in total) at my pain clinic and didn't really notice any improvement. I had two sets of 6 on two separate occasions. I did feel a bit more energetic though but no real pain relief. In all honesty I am not sure what good a pain clinic is, they seem okay if you have a bad neck or back etc but don't seem able to do anything for all over pain like we fibros have.

I also got disenchanted when I found out that I had to go back to my GP for a fresh referral each time I wanted to go, rather than being able to go back myself, my GP told me it was all to do with them getting more funding that way. I don't bother to go anymore.

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I totally agree with you about pain clinics. From what I can gather they all seem to be offering different things for people with Fibro; there doesn't appear to be any defined regime of any particular therapy.

At my clinic, all I did for 6 months was a couple of minutes on a bike, an exercise ball and pulleys. I was doing more at home during my daily activities!

I know most of us suffer differently from each other, but the underlying themes are pretty much the same, i.e. pain, fatigue, sleeping issues, etc. I also understand that different sufferer respond to different treatments, but it seems that no-one is being offered a range of treatments in an effort to find out which ones work or not.

Maybe we should all get together and sort out a clinic that offers as many treatments as possible so that each of us can find the one that suits us best!!!


Only gave me short term relief don't think it suited me


Only gave me short term relief

Have used it for other types of pain relief but was not at all helpful for me with current fibro symptoms ....

But worth a go perhaps ?

Moo x

When I was under a different hospital with the Pain Clinic I was offered Acupunture for my Fibro I found it was of no use for me, although I did have Acupunture privately many years ago for Migraines and I did find that did help and was so glad I tried it. The Pain clinic I'm under now I find are very caring and so glad for my Fentanyl Patch which has eased my pains a lot. Aisha x

Thank you all so much, for all of the above. I actually thought that the long awaited pain clinic would be the fount of all knowledge and the keepers of the, 'magic', pain relief that no one else could give me. So feeling quite disappointed really.

But I've just retired and my border collie, my wife and my kids are wonderful, (OR my wife, my border collie and my kids are wonderful, should my wife happen to read this).

Physically, I've never felt so bad or been in so much pain but when I think about my blessings I've actually never been happier.


I go monthly.....I feel alternative therapies are helpful collectively rather that in isolation. I have had some instant relief from acupuncture at times...other times its the skenar that gives more relief. Acupuncture is like paracetamol. It can work but you have to take the next dose.

I also work at pain relief by removing neuro Toxins from my diet. I have no doubt now that ifiI swamp my body with caffiene, msg and aspartame the acupunctures effectiveness wouldn't be for very long. I often forget too we're meant to drink water after treatments. When I have acupuncture now I also lie on a far infra red bio mat. The two together is wonderful x

My treatment is still £50 a monthly session but that is everything......acupuncture, bio resonance, skenar, bio mat, homeopathy.plus diet advice....but with it I don't need chemical pain relief.....most of the time so I have no prescription costs.

I have this at my Phyiso and it gives short term release of pain.

Their now talking about hydrocortisone injections to help with pain in my hip astill hope fir me to be out of this wheelchair in six months.



Sooo agree with comber above! I am also counting my blessings! My husband and kids and family and friends have been totally supportive and absolutely amazing. Despite the fibro I am healthier than I've been in ages in many other ways and people keep commenting on how good I look! I have been trying so hard to look after myself, getting rest, baths, exercise, healthy diet, supplements and vits etc.

As for acupuncture it has not helped me either. Physio (NHS) gave me a few treatments for sore neck. Did nothing. Then I tried a professional Chinese acupunturist recommended by a friend. It hurt! He did it on my neck and all the way down my back and on my knees and elbows. He said I would probably hurt more the next day and I did! But then I was supposed to improve the next day. Didn't. I am going to give it another try because the guy said I need to have several treatments before I see benefiit but I am sceptical.

Did find massage from osteopath some help though.

I have paid privately to have acupuncture as I had shoulder inpingment and it really helped she also helped with my headaches and general pain. It really worked for me

Once again thanks to everyone. There's no wonder doctors hate this beast is there? No single drug therapy, no understandable cause and progression, no answers, no meaningful diagnosis.

No, 'One size fits all', cure. That's why so many physicians are so quick to belittle FM sufferers and make, 'All in your head', diagnoses.

It's because we frighten them. We force them to accept their own limitations and remind them of just how little medical professionals actually know.

i had some via the pain clinic about 10 yrs ago, they tried various places around my body but found it only beneficial enough on my neck.. it worked for that but took about 4 sessions before i felt anything. I don't know if they still do it but they trained up my husband to place the needles in certain places and they supplied the needles whilst i still needed them. i found it better if i could lay down, on my side to really get any benefit, but after i had my hip replaced i couldn't lay on my see so had to just sit on a chair, which i found really uncomfortable and wasn't able to relax my neck enough, so it stopped helping. But i would recommend it to anyone if its offered, give it a try. its no more than a pin prick as the needles are just so fine. When i first started they used many needles, so if i could manage that it couldn't have been too bad. I think on my neck my husband would use three at a time in various places.

I know it sounds mad that they allowed him to do it, but i guess they have to make sure they are happy that he was in full control xx

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