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well after waiting months for the rheumatologist letter to get to the gp. Had to see a doctor i have never seen before i dont know who was more confused ?! i was waiting to start gabapentin & diazepam as suggested by rhuemy in march ! well no mention of the gabapetin instead they r taking me off 200mg sertraline and giving me duloxetine 60mg once a day and 2mg diazepam twice a day and a weeks course of vitamin D ! doctor said the letter didnt mention gabapetin but said that when i go back to the rhuematologist they will be refering me to the fibromyalgia clinic ????

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i have the feeling that not many docs know exactly what to do ! and its weird the way docs prescribe different meds for the same thing to us all!! are they on commision for the drug companys i wonder!!;)


hi i think alot of people are baffled by fibro so send us somewhere so we feel something is happening lol love diddle x


sounds like a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing Amanda? Didn't know there was clinics for fibro, dont think we have anything like that around my way. Hope you get good results with the meds and are feeling better, love angela x


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