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WHAT'S THIS ????????

Right can anyone help with this ? there is this thing that people talk about and apparently you get in a nice bath/shower sit in a comfy chair for a few hours with maybe a hot milky drink and gradually wind ourself down from your day hope you are all with me so far ?

Then you go to your bedroom and climb into a bed , perhaps read for a bit or watch a bit of tv or talk to your partner then apparently you turn off the light and shut your eyes ?????????????

after approx 8 to 10 hours your alarm clock goes and your eyes open and you get out of bed and start your day again ???????

apparently this process is called going to SLEEP !!!!!!!!!!!!

well can anyone tell me if they do this as i dont ! has anyone got an instruction manual for this as i have tried all of the above and it aint working ?!

do you think i need new batteries putting in my back lol love to you all diddle x

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hi, i used to have a book that gave instructions but it got lost and thought i found a new one with good instructions but it`s in another language so cannot read it but am sure some one could write a new book with instructions for this problem, maybee we should set a challange up of suggestions for a new book

and maybee a one called why cant i write and spell normaly anymore?


Hi Diddle so thats were ive been going wrong!

I put my comfy chair in the shower and sat there for 3 hours and all that i got was a cold drink, wet clothes and wrinkly hands!!!!!

lots of love stephxxxx


hi lynn i have told my GP doesnt matter what she does up my meds or changes them i still dont sleep lol well i do but onlt 1 to 4/5 hours at most but i dont need alot anyway never have been one to lay in etc buyt it is really bad at min 2 to 2 hours jus bad patch i suppose but i will go to see her if i still like it in 2 weeks

oh will look at blog i think i did read it lol oh dear fibro fog ha ha but thankyou very much for getting in touch love to you diddle x


I used to hear the same thing diddle. I followed the instructions once - but I woke within seconds of falling asleep! It's a con I tell ya!

Gentle hugs to all xxx


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