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When you go to see your doctor with your fibro issues, do you ever feel like a hypochondriac when you list all the problems your having? Only asking cause I went to see my doctor today and I remembered to query everything from the pain, to the dry mouth and my sore jaw and I felt a bit silly. But my doctor was great and went through everything with me

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I have only just been diagnosed but in the months leading up to my diagnosis I felt awful to keep going in and giving my GP the list of what was wrong. I know how you feel. Its what they are there for though and it sounds as if you have a good GP who listens to you which is good :)


Thanks Catleigh nice to know Im not the only one :)


Yes. I went to see my doctor with a long list of complaints. I had written them all down and anything I could think of that may be connected or an explanation of how it hurt etc.

My doctor was very grateful for this list and said it was very helpful as patients often do not know there is a link between one thing and another and by NOT mentioning it, it made diagnosis more difficult.

I can tell you I felt a lot better. Tests were then able to progress and he finally decided I have FM. I have recently updated my symptoms as I do not see him every week, and as you know our symptoms and problems can change over time - he needs to know this so as to monitor what I am taking and ensure I am not taking something I no longer need or to vary the amounts prescribed.

Hyperchondriac? No, hypersensitive to ones self and the signals being given out. I think that I have had FM for longer than I realise, simply because of everything I have since read that now makes sense!

Soft hugs, you have good company here!


I know how you feel because I felt like this. Its like Sarah-Jane says though, in the beginning you take each symptom on its own merit and it isn't until you look at Fibro as a whole you realise the link between them all. Having said that, any new symptoms should be checked out as we cannot assume they are related to the fibro. As the doctor does each test and it comes back negative and you are still troubled by the symptom then fibro can be diagnosed.

You are lucky to have a good GP who is willing to go through everything with you so don't be afraid to keep going back if you feel you need to. Most of us take quite a few lots of medication to treat the various symptoms so dont just suffer in silence.

Hope you are feeling better about this now. take care, love Angela x


no i just walk in to see my GP she laughs and says how are you ? or should i not ask then she slides the tisues to me and she asks me what has been happening and i tell her everything i can be i er room 5 mins to 25 min she will listen and even gives me a hug sometimes she really is lovely and i am very lucky so i do feel for you it must be awful to feel that way love to you diddle x


I always write my symptoms down in a long list the one thing to remember is we pay for them ... not the other way round does that sound harsh but true ...soft dyslexic hugs


It depends on which dr I see The dr who diagnosed me also has fibro so I am lucky i feel but if I cant get to see her then I always feel like they think I am making it all up,I had such a hard time with the dr I saw about my gallstones I could tell she thought I sat and ate fatty foods all day and I dont, Yes I am overweight (thanks partly to my underactive thyroid) but that doesnt mean I sit and eat chocolate all day. Sorry for rambling Yes sometimes the dr make me feel like I am making it all up xx


Thanks everyone for your replies. Think its just that I had put everything into my phone and remembered everything that I had to say to my doctor. Thinking back the first doctor I saw was going onto hospital cover for 4 weeks and insisted I saw another doctor if I needed too.(think he was a bit stumped) But the doctor Im seeing now was quick to diagnose me and I always say he is good and spends ages explaining everything. I walked in a month ago saying i think the cartilidge in my ribs is inflamed again but I need it checked. He checked and confirmed I was right but it was best to get it checked to be on the safe side.

Fairylady, feel free to ramble at least we all understand what each other is going through. x


no your not a hypochondriac. My doc thinks I am suffering again from what they call a mental illness called somatisation disorder. You have all symptons and pain but all tests show nothing and your "normal" But I have suffered since childhood with symptoms and always even now get sooo cold. I will keep on getting to the bottom of it. If this is the mental health issue two psychiatrists refuse to help me even when I have begged just saying I need to go on courses!!! I have now taken this matter to the health ombudsman as when I was bad with it in 2004 my GP wanted to section me but I went to hospital voluntary for 3 months and felt soo much better. Now I tell them I feel that bad again and they just wont listen to me. So either ths is a mental health issue or hypothyroidism the problem all these years despite tests saying normal.I have posted my recent blood results a minute ago asking you all for comments. I have a terrible dry mouth get a painful jaw, teeth hurt everything. I am not absorbing nutrients and have aged very quickly compared to other ladies my age. My teeth have gapped and gone thin, and my hair has gone lifeless and unmanageable. I know I am not going mad. but the thyroid test was my last hope!!!


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