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Amsterdam beckons!

Of to the Dam tom, looking forward to this wee break with hubby sister & bro-in-law! the good thing about it is im in pain there is more than pain killers that i can get over there lol

Not that it is something ive done before, but at 46 there is a 1st time for everything, i think im daft enough on the vodka never mind anything else! ;-)))))

see you all when i get back. xx anne

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Have a good trip Anne. My son lives in the Dam. :)

Sue xxx


thanks Sue, i intend to. :-)

anne xx


yes have a lovely time xxxx


Thanks Lynz. xx;-)


Have a painfree time enjoy


hi they have nice cakes out there int he coffee bars lol but dont think its carrot cake lol love to you and enjoy your trip if you know what i mean :) love diddle x


Have a lovely time :-) they do lovely chocolates too hehehe have fun :-) xxxx


I take it these cakes and chocolates hold pain killing ingredients :) lol

thanks you lot im a wimp dont know if i will try anything will let you know when i get back. ;)

anne xxx


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