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what a wolly

already knackered and its only 9.47am lol :)

the weather is sooooooooooooo rubbish :),

had docs today to have bloods ,i had the form and had to bring it with me ,

just a simple thing ,but no ,not for someone with fibro fog !

got the appointment at 9.15am so i could go straight to docs after school run ,

got there well in time ,got battered by wind and rain trying to get my 2yr old out of car ,the door kept crushing me lol

so off i go into docs ,go straight in ,and you guessed it ,i had forgot form !


the nurse was so lovely and said well if you can go and get it quick i can still do it ,yay !

so off i go put him back in the car ,crushed legs again ,by this time its not funny

warp factor 6 back home get form ,and back i go ,get him out of car again !

all i had to do was remember also to get milk so i could have a nice hot cuppa when i got home ,yeah right ! i forgot it !

i really dont want to go out there again :(

anyone want to go for me :) lol

right here we go again ,back out ......

hugs to you all ,hope you have a good day xxxxxx

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good luck bless you and lynz.............................................DONT FORGET THE FORM !!!!!! lol love to you diddle x


:-D now going to brave the weather brrrrrrrrrrrrr lol xxxx


What a morning, what happend to the relaxing when the kids got back to school lol.

Hope your day gets better lynz xxxxxx


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