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DLA reconsideration ??? what is it ??

The DLA refused my application, by the time i managed to speak to them on the phone she said i could not appeal and that she has put me down for a reconsideration... she said i need to seed them a letter stating why i think there decision was wrong. do i need to send anything with the letter ?? i have enclosed a letter from my consultant that diagnosed me with FM....i have also just found out that my psychologist didnt receive any request from them for info about my mental health until 2 weeks after the refused my claim. Iv never heard of a reconsideration so im not sure how to word the letter or what content they expect.. any help would be great

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also.. if u have a family member who cares for u.. get them to write a letter to.. telling them the difficulties you have and what they do to help you.. just put the letter in with everything ur sending in... worth a try.. i did that.. sure it helped me win it back xx


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