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Mandatory reconsideration


I got my letter re mandatory reconsideration today and they say I am still not entitled to ESA and the original assessment stands. So my welfare rights officer has filled out my appeal and I should get it in the post tomorrow. So can't wait to see what happens...big hugs xx

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Good luck with your appeal. Seems to be the way we all have to go to get what we are entitled to doesnt it. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

Aww that's shocking, what do they want from us, blood? Or to go begging, cap in hand, Sure why don't they just throw us all into workhouses and throw away the key- for sooner than later, they will have our blood on their hands!!! You go girl... Stand up & fight for what is rightly yours!! 😬🙋👍

I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appeal, fingers crossed!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks guys xx

Fingers crossed for you audh, I don't know why these agencies have to make things so difficult. I suppose they count on most people not pursuing it.

Gentle hugs,

Becky x

Good luck, I wish you well with this even though it shouldn't have been so difficult for you.x


I do hope It's better news next time.

Soft and gentle hugs :) xxxxx


It's very strange the way it works. I got the top rate of esa but was turned down for pop. I don't quite understand the way it is worked out.

Same happened to me my appeal went to court and I won don't give up and try not to worry too much xx

That happened to me too but I've now stopped work to look after my daughter who has now very poorly with cancer so I stuck my fingers up to them but have had so much trouble trying to get income support & carers allowance & pip since April ' still not heard anything they take the p@@s hope you get it sorted soon big hugs xxx

Good luck with your appeal and hopefully things will go your way x

Good luck

How long are you expecting to wait for hearing date?


good luck with your appeal we have to fight for everything even if we are actually entitled to itwe do not need this extra stress.hugsx


Thanks everyone for all your positive replies it really means a lot to myself to know how much others care.... When I had my Atos meeting the guy basically looked at my old one from 18 month ago and asked hardly any questions... I can't work and I will fight this til I win .... But big hugs and kisses to you all xx

Hope you win xxx

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