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Hi All

Having a really painfull couple of days. Havnt done anything strenuous but then we don't have to do we.

My hubby has actually offered to take me out in my wheelchair bless him. I got it last week & didn't think he would take me. Didn't feel up to going out. Just too much pain.

Discovered something a couple of weeks ago. Sports bras. They are so so comfy. Cos of the weight I have put on me bust has got so heavy.Mind you always have had ample. They support so well plus the straps are nice & wide & soft.

Tskr care all. Soft hugs. X

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how sweet of your hubby bless not nice when you feel like that x i have been in real bad flre up for weeks and dont talk to me about sleep lol what is that .thanks for the sport bra tip if i was well endowed iwould prob invest in them unfortunaely i was at the back of the queue when boobs were beng given out ha ha love to you diddle x


hello sorry you had a painful time. Sounds like at least you found some support for your bust I may try them x

Nice to hear your huby will take you our in your chair be proud and enjoy x

soft hugs



Aw Annie, not nice to be in a wheelchair but at least you can get out and wont be stuck in your four walls all day every day.

Lexie, looks like you live near to me, I live in Rogerstone. Maybe I have passed you by without realising it.

Take care xx


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