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Been for my appt at the Jobcentre today, only to be told i did not need to attend as she was going to phone me, yet the letter i received told me i had to attend. She was very nice and understanding and cannot see why i have been put in the WRAG group. Had to get a wheelchair today as in so much pain could not walk, back hurts so much which is affecting the whole of my leg and i ache all over again and really do not feel well. Also had an opticians appt, slight changes but not much, so thats good, well i think i am going to kip for an hr see if i feel any better

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That was an unnecessary journey for you then Linda. I think we are all put into the WRAG group to start off with as they are trying to make as many people as possible go back to work. It was only after my 2nd medical I was transferred to the Support Group but they do say it can be changed back if they feel you have made significant improvement. Hahaha I wish!!.

Hope you were able to get some sleep and you feel better now Take care Angela xx


awww sorry to hear you are in a wheel chair, I too have fms and chronic fatigue and am exhausted alot had it for nrly 30 yrs now since I was 16 I have just started on JSA and when I ask to use the lift I think the staff think I am being theatrical but stairs take it out of me! so I will carry on using the lift even tho they positioned it along way away re walking and I have to follow a security guard to it! geeeeeeeeee ab ridiculous! I am trying to get part time work as cant do full time any more but also wish to apply for dla due to my disability as am finding it very tough managing fms I have never applied before but am just trying to get a bit of financial help due to my disability and my husband cooks, does the garden, cleans, shops for me and not sure if can apply for carers allowance no one advises you at the job centre..... gently hugs


i wish those depts realise what they put people through when they keep changing their plans !!! it different story when we want to change them isnt it love to you diddle x


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