Off to the farm

Well my 7 year old is desperate to go to the farm today and see the pigs, I've been up since 6 am so tired and my sciatica is really aggravated, so really not looking forward to traipsing round a muddy farm - I can't even borrow a scooter for there!!! :-(

It's also my niece's last full day staying with us, so she has asked if she can babysit for me tonight, so I have my mum coming over and we are going to go bingo with my husband (we never get to go out together) so I also have to try and stay awake for that! Fingers crossed we have a win - I could do with some money!! lol

Hope everyone has a cleaner day than I'm gonna have :-)

Gentle hugs xx

2 Replies

  • Hi tinkz,

    Hope you can manage all that in one day.

    Sometimes when i am faced with having to do things its worse thinking about it and stress doesnt help. if you get what i mean. :)

    Have a good time hun, if i had to do all that i would warn my other half that doing all that in one day means i might need a lie in the next day to recover.

    Good luck with bingo, hope you get win some money. :)

    Hope you have a lovely time.

    hugs, kel xxx

  • hi hope that you have alovely day try not too wear yourself out bless you love diddle x

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