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back to work interview

well work have rung me to find out if im back at work sat cos they want to do a back to work interview i told them that i didnt know if i was ready for work or not and told them what the doctor said (read blog off to docs 2) they said if he said i am i fit then i can come back so i now have my interview with them tomorrow i dont know what to say to them really wish i knew what they were going to ask might help i just hope they dont say i cant have any more time off for a certain period cos i may need iti just dont know what is going to be for the best

ive not heard a word from any of the girls from work while ive been off sick so im also worried about ggoing back for the reaction im going to get

it just feels like the worry is never going to stop.

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I wish you all the best with your back to work interview.

My employer didn't leave me any choice but to leave today. So from now on I'm also unemployed.


Sarah I can empathise with you over your position as I was there too before I finished work. I worried constantly because I had been off for months and knew I wasn't fit enough to return to work. Fortunately I had a very supportive GP who was with me every step of the way.

Its not nice when you dont have any contact with the people you work with when you have been off for a while and its only natural to feel nervous about returning. Have to say though, dont feel pressurised into returning to work if you are still not well and your GP advises more time off as that will just make you worse.

Keep us posted on what happens, take care xx


Oh Sarah, I hope things turn out for the best with your job, whether you go back or not. Ir's awful to have all this worry and doesn't do your illness any good.

It's such a shame the girls you work with haven't been in touch.

Dave, I'm so sorry you're nwt unemployed, all this worry for everyone just doesn't help.



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