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i went today for my dla appeal and sadly lost,the panel did not listen to me very intimidating,the dr even suggested that i had spoken to my gp on the streets to get a letter update of my condition. i have type 1 diabetes, with complications which wont be going away, another team member even questioned me of how i held my crutch, well im sorry how are you surposed to hold it, as if i hadnt i would lose my balance these people do not have a clue, has anyone else had this feeling , and what did they do next

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  • thank you so much jules, i feel that i am not alone on this, and makes me feel better, there was more that was said but i didnt want to put to much. for reason that you may understand.my diabetes went sky high and has made me feel ill for the rest of the day .i will sleep on it, an take your advise. hugs back to you jules xx

  • hi Chris i dont suffer with FM i am insulin diabetic of 42 yrs, i have diabetic retinopathy,diabetic neuropathy. i have trouble walking as the neuropathy effects my feet hands arms and legs, one of the panel even said : i noticed when you walked in the room how you gripped your walking stick : well i replyed how am i surpose to hold it with out falling, i do get numbness in my hands, but when this happens i stop to the numbness wears off. anne xx

  • am sorry to hear about your tribunal. it's horrible to have 3rd parties intimidating people in pain and acting like he Gestapo. I hope you can get some rest and then organise some help in appealing the decision.

  • thank you for your kind words, i still feel angry, as it has took it out of my diabetes, so i have to think of this now, but i will seek help to see what can be done xx

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