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Just met my daughters at the Asda near to my daughter with my grandsons and thought i would treat them all to a meal in there to save my elder daughter doing a roast which was the original plan for today . well wished we had not bothered women on counter miserable as sin clearly did not want to be there /food was cold and awfukl we threw most of it in bin. i asked to speak to someone was so disapointed, manager came from kitchen jus said sorry will speak to her that was it!!! by now i am hungry cold in pain and my legs are like jelly and nearly fallinfg asleep so worn out so i get home get out the reciept and phone spoke to duty manager of whole store who was lovelty disgusted that it had not been sorted out or that i had not been fully refunded so next time i am over have got to go and get full refund so that cheered me up, then took my dog to beach with my partner for 30 mins and i am now sitting here and my eyes are dropping every few mins and it s cold/wet and dull so think i am now going to have a hot bath and lay on sofa i have officially had enough today , i hope you all enjoyed your day and are more awke than i am lol love to you all Diddle x

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What a shame that is so bad especially on a special day shame on them but so glad that you willo get the full refund. How lovely would so love to live near the beach would be in heaven you lucky thing! Well hope the bath helped and you are having a good chill enjoy the rest Ruby xxx


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