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dedicated hospital/clinic that does fibromyalgia assessment?

my recent session @ a pain management clinic left me so stressed... my consultant flipantly commented 'seem to show fibromyalgia symptoms'... when asked to qualify his statement he retracted saying 'did not say [im] not fibromyalgic'... i left the session fuming silently but resolve to drop him a note 4 da stress am now in... i was diagnosed in 2000 @ the same hospital where he is a pain management consultant... Id like to be referred for re-assessment as i do not want to continue taking medications for a 'perhaps' condition.. does anyone know a recognised & dedicated 'fibromyalgia assessment centre/clinic/hosp'? tnx

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tnk u Lynn-FA... dat was quik


There is a Prof. Davis you says he has the best teatment for FMS and he used to work at Guys Hospital in London. I have read alot about his work, he has two private clinics, his treatment is very expensive and the reports I read were far from encouraging. I certainly would not go to him but its upto everyone to decide for themselves.

I was dx by a rheumatologist who told me there is no cure for FMS and I should just learn to live with it which is what I have done for many years now !!!


is there any benifit for this condition...?


Dr Vinod Patel at the George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton runs an ME clinic which is NHS. Since Fibro is regularly linked with ME, he certainly knows his stuff. I attended his clinic with ME, but when I started getting pain I rang him, he got me an appointment within days (there is at least a 6 month waiting time to see this man), diagnosed Fibro, prescribed and collected the appropriate meds for me, wrote it all down and I had plan b and C in my back pocket in case plan A didnt work - which it has so far I am very pleased to say. This guy is a genius, he has my ME/CFS and Fibro pretty much under control, which considering they are part of a much wider and more dangerous package of problems I have is no mean feat.


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