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I have every symtom of fibro

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Hi guys I think I'm suffering with fibromylgia, all my tender points are extremely weak my hips and pirornis muscle are extremely tight my shoulders and my neck is in pain and feel bruised and recently my jaw has started to lock out of place and sometimes it feels hard to open it, when I open it fully and close it it clicks and locks out of place, I'm also a smoker not sure how that effects it, i have also been suffering with reynauds syndrome where my fingers go completely pale not sure if reynauds could be causing all these effects. Anyway I have just gotten some magnesium citrate tablets getting more cbd oil and getting multi vitamins into me see how that goes. I have been thinking about taking deca which is a steroid which puts fluids around the joints if anyone could help with anymore information or tips that would be fantastic

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I wouldn't start taking anything of a steroid nature until you've seen a dr and eliminated all other causes for your symptoms. It can be a long haul and not easy to be patient when you're in pain.

First step is your GP with a list of symptoms. Will probably organise blood tests and maybe tests to eliminate lung/ heart problems. Then you can discuss referral to a Rheumstologist but be warned that could be a wait if several months. Good luck-- I hope you get answers.

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I appreciateyour help I'm not much sire what else it could be if there was something wrong with my spine then it wouldn't make my jaw lock out like this as I am suffering with tmj atm

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