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Codyramol in Greece??


We have just booked for a weeks holiday at the end of the month to Greece, and I’m panicking and stressing already, very unusual in itself me being normally super organised and efficient, another change, I have been told that I might have to get a Doctors letter to take my codyramol with me , is this right? And do I take it in my hand luggage, or my case??

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You could call passport office,they'd know exactly,I do believe if you make appointment with your Dr they'd tell you,I'm not sure if its only certain meds that applys to,maybe drs receptionist could also tell you.

Hi Kim, I don’t know if there are any regulations over this in Greece, definitely check it out. You could try speaking to the the pharmacist who dispenses your medication. Mine is very helpful and a couple of years ago when I was using Butrans patches she advised I carried a copy of my prescription with me and always kept all medication in the original boxes. Remember also, in Greece, unlike the a UK , lots of the day to day remedies we can buy in supermarkets e g ibuprofen, paracetamol, anti histamine etc can only usually be bought in a pharmacy. Important, if the nearest pharmacy is miles away and there is no public transport! Try not to stress too much over the packing and have a great holiday!

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Kim this member makes a good point about OTC medications anc to check these too as some as restricted in other countries. This is mentioned in the BBC article from the post below too;

Hope this helps

Emma :)

The Home Office provides a full list of commonly used drugs that can be controlled under misuse of drugs legislation.

One of these substances is codeine, which contains opiates.

As some heroin addicts use it as an alternative to the hard drug, it's banned in a wide variety of different countries.

Hong Kong and Greece are among the destinations where codeine is illegal.

I always go to my GP and ask them to print my a letter confirming my illnesses and I also take a recent repeat prescription form too. I’ve not had any problems ( so far) enjoy your lovely holiday x


Hi Kim

Des Quinn FMAUK Chair highlighted medications regulations when travelling and we posted about this here;

From this information you should find the answers to your questions. Personally I would say medications in hand luggage with the GP letter if needed.

Try not to worry about it, I’m sure you’ll sort it out.

Have a lovely holiday!

Emma :)

Have you checked the current state of the massive fires over there ??

yes i have read that cocodamol is banned in Greece

Hi Kim, I’m not familiar with codyramol but every time I travel I pack all my meds in my carry on suitcase. Why? Well the carry on I know where it is at all times. The checked luggage ....well you never know if it will arrive with you on the plane ✈️ train 🚊 or bus 🚎 most of the time it arrives with you but on transfers to another ✈️, 🚊 or 🚎 the checked luggage does not always arrive the same time you do or goes MIA. So always carry all medications with you when traveling along with a change in clothes and personal hygiene items. 😊💕🦋🌸🌿🤗

No problem at all. I have been to Greece many times. Always travel with two weeks worth of medication including codeine. All you need is a print out of your prescription. Needs to be current. This can be done by the receptionist. If you can get a gp letter great but I’ve never needed it. You can travel with the bulk of it in your hold luggage and carry enough for your journey in hand luggage. Keep two copies one with hold and one with hand luggage. You can find info here.

Might be worth looking here too.

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