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Does this sound like Fibromyalgia

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Hi I'm new on here. I just wanted to ask if this sounds like fibromyalgia I have osteoarthritis in both knees and I'm on tramadol 100mg I take 8 a day but do nothing for me. I am always tired think I have had a good nights sleep but get up knackered if I do something in the house like housework next day want to stop in bed because I'm in so much pain. Thanks

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The trouble with Fibro ( apart from it being a pain in the bum, as well as everywhere else) is that the symptoms overlap with lots of other conditions.

Blood tests can rule out some of them ( deficiencies of iron, B12 and Vitamin D, for example) It's then a case of being referred to a rheumatologist who should be able to diagnose by ruling out everything else. You might already be under the care of a Rheumy, so that will at least avoid the long wait for a first appointment.

My daughter has osteoarthritis in her knees, too. She's in agony but nothing has been done--- she's told she's too young for treatment,even though on more days than not she can't walk.

Get your thyroid checked too.


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