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Just Saying Hi to All

Hi to all. I have just joined and hope my experiences will help others and also help health care professionals develop a better understanding of Fibro Myalgia. I am thankful that my GP was familiar with this condtion and referred me to the right consultant when he had all the facts from a diary that I kept of my daily activities and how I was feeling.

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Hi RRZA, welcome to this great site.

I did the same when I went to my GP, I took the body diagram and highlighted everywhere I ached and took a page from an online diary. He's very good and referred me to a rheumatoglogist straight away.

Have a good weekend.


Hi Do different area,s have different ways of working. I must admit that some of the doctors seem to believe what I tell them now but 15 years ago most of them just more or less told me it was all in my mind. I still can,t get a referral to see a Rheumatologist etc. as I am told that they wouldn,t be able to help me any more than the tablets I keep taking to take the edge of things. Also we can never be sure of seeing the same doctor twice and some seem to have different ideas. I do realise that if you are ill then any doctor would suffice but in conditions like Fibro. it would be helpful to see the same people as much as possible.Best wishes to all. Keep smiling


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