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newbie to this site

Hi all, i am just getting to grips with this site, there is so much different information about fibro, and some of it contruiditure to another bit of information, no wonder the gps are confuessed,. but all i know is that i am in a lot of pain and that at long last i do have fm. about the vitime D i dont think the reasearch is saying that if we have a lack of vitimine D then we have fm but rather that patients that have fm there is a trend to have less vitimine D in their systems.

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thks it does.

and thank u for the nice welcome


all the best hun, im new to this site and hoping to make lots of friends x


I'm new to the site too, hoping to be meet new people and it'll be great to have others understand what we all go through, it's so much easier talking to people without having to explain everything over and over again x


Thks everyone, it is lovely to talk to like mindeds people and it would be nice too meet up for coffee as well. Hopefully we can do that with the people in our area as I feel we need support and so do our careers. I am in such a major flare at the moment I don't know where to put myself lol. Hope evryone has a good weekend


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